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Original title of the film: “LA POLIZIOTTA FA CARRIERA”(THE COP MAKES CAREER) Made in Italy in 1976 by: MEDUSA DISTRIBUTION - DELTAVIDEO Directed by: Michele Massimo Tarantini Soundtrack: I Pulsar Duration: 94 minuti Color: Color Genre Italian Sex Comedy Cast: Edwige Fenech- Gianna Amicucci Gigi Ballista- Questor Moretti Alvaro Vitali - Policeman Tarallo Mario Carotenuto - Inspector Antinori Gianfranco D'Angelo - Honorable Mannello Michele Gammino - Cece Gianna’s boyfriend Giuseppe Pambieri - Doctor Alberto Moretti Plot: Gianna Amicucci, the young daughter of a keeper, works in the house of a questor and manages, through the recommendation of the officer, to fulfill the dream of her life: to join the female police. Initially, the training is not what she had imagined, but after three brilliant action against crime, the policewoman Gianna earns high praise from colleagues and authorities. The Music: The beautiful original soundtrack that accompanies every scene in the movie was composed by two highly professional master composers, who are part of the musical group ''The PULSAR'': MM. Silvano Chimenti and Enrico Pieranunzi. The songs that highlight all the hot and hilarious scenes of the film, fully comply with the proposed theme, giving the narrative grip and musically highlighting the story of this Italian erotic comedy, this makes the listening a particular pleasure. A new detail: This group formed in 1976 by jazz musician Enrico Pieranunzi and Silvano Chimenti , was called ''The PULSAR'' in honor of the neutron star and, to date, it was thought that their only album had been used for the soundtrack of the MarioCaiano’s movie: VIOLENT MILAN, however, just today, it was discovered that even the film: THE COP MAKES CAREER bears the signature of the prestigious PULSAR.

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