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In 1971, RAI commissioned Maestro Gino Marinuzzi Jr., son of the famous composer and conductor Gino Marinuzzi Sr., the musical score for a television movie titled: “MOVIE SURVEY FOR A READING OF MALAYSIAN STORIES”. These tales were signed by the great Polish writer Joseph Conrad, poetic stateless, born in 1857 and deceased in 1928, whose real name was Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowzki. The story, which actually includes over 17 topics that describe in an exciting way the charm, mystery and exoticism of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China, was a tribute that RAI would make to great writer Joseph Conrad. Maestro Gino Marinuzzi Jr. gladly accepted RAI’s proposal and began to work at once. The common denominator of all the songs composed by the Maestro is an elegant background of oriental music that blends with decidedly Western sounds, giving life to a fascinating and unforgettable musical texture. The characteristic of the topics, which are sometimes sweet and melancholy, or descriptive, is to contain slow sounds that alternate with very bright and lively rhythms.

Among the musical compositions which are part of the original soundtrack we recommend: I LOST A WORLD in the vocal version sung in a superlative way by Lara Saint Paul, characterized by a sweet melody with oriental influences; the song JAKARTA rather rough with fine blues veins expressed by the electric guitar in counterpoint with bass and drums; the song AHU, AHU in which the rhythms of the jungle increase in a growing obsession that is entrusted exclusively to the marimba and drums with a chorus that articulates the syllables: ahu, ahu; the song CHINESE FIRE which is a peculiar fusion of Chinese folk melody carried by flutes and electric guitars with their distorted sounds that create a sort of oriental jazz; the song RITUAL RHYTHMIC which is based on a mysterious and haunting crescendo tone emphasized by the speed of the percussions; and finally the song EAST RHYTHMIC which is a very good jazz composition with oriental influences. This score, which at the time was printed on LP and entitled ORIENT SERVICE, maintains the Gemini label and the catalog number GG 10,006, but it is owned by our company COMETA EDIZIONI MUSICALI.

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LENGHT: 40’50”