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CD No: CMT10025
Release Date: 2020/09/04
Format: 1CD

Reisse. The songs which are part of this CD, bear the mark of the great, eclectic Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni. These songs were composed for the broadcast of eight episodes made by RAI -Department of School Education for Adults or D.S.E. - called: “OPEN WINDOW”. It was directed and organized by the RAI director Marco Procopio and the included reports related United Europe and the countries that were part of it. Four of these interesting episodes, filmed in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, were the first part of the show. The CD title “INCHIESTA” (Investigation) is already explicit. The song “INDAGINE” (Inquiry), is a slow interim in which the theme of a soft blown flute and one of the first monophonic synthesizers fits a delicate harmonic range of voices, a base of bass, drums and electric guitar work. This simple and well designed song offers the listener a calm atmosphere, but never sleepy, which sharpens the faculties of thinking of someone who is collecting the various informations for investigations. “LA METROPOLI” (The Metropolis) offers a glimpse of the place where, potentially, occur criminal episodes. It is a violent and percussive song in which horns along with percussion emphasize the harshness of the place. “IL PORTO” (The Port), by contrast, is set in a quiet, sleepy and lazy place, where everything is motionless except for the pitching of the boat. Another song, in contrast with the previous one, is “IL CORRISPONDENTE” (the corresponding) where the music points out, in a constantly and swirling tonal and rhythmic movement, the frenzy of a reporter who must frantically chase news, before someone steals them to him. Musically astute and finely ironic is the song “IL COLLETTIVO” (The Collective) where the voices of the vocalists are superimposed on one another in a fun and rhythmic counterpoint, imitation of the overlapping of voices coming from an agitated meeting at which everyone wants to have their say, obtaining at least in this case, a perfect harmony of purpose. Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni, with these compositions, has got the meaning and essence of the word “investigation” , musically describing the situations, concepts, places, and characters with his professionalism, his experience, and the great genius that have always distinguished him.

Track List

TRACKS: 19 , incuding 5 never published before