2. THE KID (180g Vinyl)

THE KID (180g Vinyl)

Price(USD): $75.30

CD No: CM743156
Release Date: 2021/10/08
Format: 1LP

In 2019, we celebrated the 130th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Chaplin. In 2020, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the film The Great Dictator. In 2021, Le Chant Du Monde celebrates the 100th anniversary of his film The Kid with a limited edition LP. This full-mono remastered version on deluxe 180g vinyl is housed in a luxurious case-bound book. It brings together all the music of the film alongside completely unreleased bonuses tracks. The 24-page large format booklet includes unpublished texts and photos. This limited edition will delight not only Charlie Chaplin lovers, but collectors of beautiful editions.
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Track List

1 A Smile-And Perhaps, a Tear
2 His Morning Promenade
3 At Home with the Infant
4 Five Years Later
5 Working the Streets
6 A Star of Great Prominence / Breakfast
7 The Fight
8 The Country Doctor
9 The Orphan Asylum / Rooftop Chase
10 Night / $1000 Reward / Dawn
11 Dreamland / the End
12 Love Song (Unreleased Bonus)
13 The Kid Intermission and Exit Music (Unreleased Bonus)
14 Charlie Chaplin Composing Music for the Kid (Unreleased Bonus)