Price(USD): $29.50

CD No: CINK-58
Release Date: 2018/07/27
Format: 1CD

The world premiere release of the complete original soundtrack from the Toho's Cult Sci-fi (Tokusatsu) film DOGORA (aka DAGORA, THE SPACE MONSTER). In addition to the full score, also including previously unreleased rare materials. Digitally remastered from the mastertapes!

Several satellites have been destroyed without explanation. A few days later, a group of diamond thieves are thwarted when the gems they are after suddenly disappear. Strangely enough, the two incidents are connected when scientists discover that a giant jellyfish like creature, which was mutated due to a high amount of radiation hovering over Japan, is drawing up all carbon based matter, including coal and diamonds. Soon the creature is also attacking bridges and ships. Can anything be done to destroy the creature before he begins drawing up all mankind?
Director: Ishiro Honda, Stars: Yosuke Natsuki, Yoko Fujiyama, Hiroshi Koizumi. 1964 JAPAN.

Release Date: 2018.7.27.