2. REBIRTH OF MOTHRA TRILOGY Original Soundtracks (6CD)

REBIRTH OF MOTHRA TRILOGY Original Soundtracks (6CD)

Price(USD): $97.80

CD No: CINK-150
Release Date: 2023/03/22
Format: 6CD

Fighting to Protect!
The soundtracks of the Heisei "Mothra" trilogy that began in 1996 has been complete boxed set on 6 UHQCDs!

Toshiyuki Watanabe / Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy

The music of the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, which appeared after the end of the Godzilla series, has been re-released with the latest remastering!

The music for each film has been difficult to obtain despite their high popularity, but now the trilogy is being released as a boxed set.

All sound tracks have been digitally remastered using the latest digital technology and pressed on UHQCD for even higher sound quality.
The theme song, which was previously unrecorded, is also included.

The beautiful Guardian God of the Stars, which has undergone a miraculous transformation, is back here. --- from Label

Track List

DISC 1: Tracks 1-31
Disc 2: Tracks 1-19

DISC 3: Tracks 1-38
Disc 4: Tracks 1-23

DISC 5: Tracks 1-29
Disc 6: Tracks 1-36