2. HANZO THE RAZOR Music Collection (3CD)

HANZO THE RAZOR Music Collection (3CD)

Price(USD): $76.80

CD No: CINK-143
Release Date: 2022/11/02
Format: 3CD

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film's release!
The soundtracks of Shintaro Katsu's dark hero trilogy are now available in a complete CD-box for the first and last time!

Kunihiko Murai/Isao Tomita/Hideakira Sakurai/The Mops
"HANZO The Razor"Music Collection

The music of the "HANZO The Razor" trilogy, the ultimate treasure of Japanese cinema, is now being fully commercialized for the first time in the 50th year since its release!
Kunihiko Murai, Isao Tomita, and Hideakira Sakurai performed the music for this film in a jazz, funk, and prog-rock music storm! A must-have disc for your morning routine, including the theme song by the Mops and a phantom unused soundtrack!

JAKAMASHII (Shut your f*cking mouth) !!
Buy it, every man and woman!
--- from label

Track List

Contains complete music from the movies: HANZO THE RAZOR: SWORD OF JUSTICE (1972), HANZO THE RAZOR: THE SNARE (1973), and HANZO THE RAZOR: WHO'S GOT THE GOLD (1974).