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CD No: CINK-110
Release Date: 2023/01/25
Format: 1CD

[Release Postponed] Rare sound source in the history of Japanese cinema!
Takeo Yamashita's masterpiece soundtrack that he was in charge of at the same time as "Lupin the Third" is super discovered!

Takeo Yamashita, the man who changed Japanese background music, was in charge of this animation film at the same time as "Lupin the Third (1st series)". First commercialized 50 years after its release!
Screened at the same time as the movie "Kamen Rider vs. Jigoku Taishi", this work received a mission to play a part in Japan's transforming character boom. It's a dream science fiction animation about a boy and four cyborg dogs that can transform into various forms and engage in fierce battles with evil aliens!
The music is a masterpiece of the YamaTake sound, a mixture of Yamashita's signature whistling, jazz, blues, and psychedelic rock, and even though it is a children's film, you don't feel it!
Multiple versions of the exciting theme song, sung by jazz singer Toshio Oida, who appeared in Nikkatsu's "Man Who Causes a Storm," are also included. This complete disc also includes rare and unused sound recordings!
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