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A fierce war broke out caused by the Whites, who are seeking embezzle the rich lands and forests for lumber owned by the Indians. A group of ten white men entered the Indian camp at night, and catches them in their sleep, and eventually all Indians are killed, except for one, the kid named Condor. Time passes, but the memory of that tragic night is alive in that Indian kid, waiting patiently for the right moment to enjoy his revenge. But do not expect the usual revenge story… it’s a family drama! Time passes also for the ten white men, and none of them seem to remember the night of the massacre. Instead they are enjoying a peaceful life flowing smoothly, having almost completely forgotten about the past. But the past comes back to the present and settles all unsettled accounts. The ten white men must pay their debt with the death, which will wipe out their peace and their lives.

The film music composed by Maestro Piero Umiliani is very appropriate, the orchestration is really good and the workmanship is excellent. The various musical atmospheres accompanying the scenes are very live. They create the pathos that binds viewers and force them to hold their breath for the duration of the film.

Gianfranco Baldanello, who directed this interesting film, by insistinging a little too much on every single character sometimes makes the plot at times quite confusing. Fabio Testi did very well, but because of the marginal role assigned to him, his performance seems ineffective. In conclusion, the direction of Baldanello leaves some disappointment, and we believe he could have done a better job. The original title of this western movie is “Le dieci vittime bianche del piccolo indiano” (The ten white victims of the small Indian). Overall the film makes a cheap and amateurish impression. Art direction is poor and cinematography is bad. Viewers get the impression of a movie directed by an amateur, who must cope with a too poor budged. It seems strange that good actors like John Ireland, Fabio Testi and Rosalba Blacks, did not try to convince those responsible to change the stiff and superficial dialogues. In some scenes the Indians appearance is quite unlikely and ridiculous. Summing up all this, the story of the film seems crumpled on itself and not too ambitious.

Though contemporary critics were much less benevolent towards this film, still it inspired stories like LE CINQUE PIUME (THE FIVE FEATHERS) published by Bonelli Comic Series, and also ZAGOR albums designed by G. Ferri, which were published in series nr. 280, 281 and 282 issued in August, September and October 1984. - Cometa

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