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SAVE YOURSELF IF YOU WANT A 1980 Italian movie directed by Roberto Faenza (movie director and writer), and produced by Jean Vigo. Original Music by: Ennio Morricone Screenplay: Vincenzo Caretti Padellaro Antonio, Carlo Rossella, Cinematography: Pasquale Rachini Set decoration and costume design: Massimo Lentini Film editing: Ruggero Mastroianni Camera and Electrical Department: Romolo Eucalitto Duration: 95 minutes Genre: satiric comedy Format: Color Panorama - Color Distribution: Titanus (Italy) creations Home Video Starring: Gastone Moschin, playing the part of Stefano Vecchi, the husband Claudia Cardinale, Luisa, the wife of Stefano Ilaria Vecchi, 15 years old daughter Enrico Vecchio, the younger son Francesco De Rosa, Poldo, the Neapolitan George Celi, Professor Storini Matthew Pine Luisa Morandini Setting: A leftist family in Bologna city, Italy Stefano, a member of the bourgeois PCI (Communist Party of Italy), honest, and hardworker. Luisa, the wife of Stefano, tender, understanding, tolerant. Antonella, the 15-year-old daughter, fits perfectly young people disillusioned with life, Enrico, the younger son, electronic spy suffering from a form of flatulence. Plot: Stefano is daily commuting between Rome and Bologna because of his job. And because of his children, is having frequent quarrels with his faithful wife Louise. Despite his efforts Professor Storini fails to cure the acute form of flatulence affecting Enrico, and that makes him feel uncomfortable while in class, but at home to take revenge with his parents he is spying their disputes with the help of devices like those of a secret agent. In a bad day, teenager Antonella, sister of Enrico, who is always ill-disposed toward all good things life is offering her, decides to run away from home, but after some time she returns home taking with her the young Poldo, for whom she feels to be in love. He is a Neapolitan unemployed and rude person, with an intrusive dog Epicuro. Poldo, whose belief is drinking, eating and having fun, is a savage person far away from civilization, but close to nature, and without many problems he settles down in the house of Stefano. Luisa, the tender and sweet mother, defends them vigorously and convinces Stefano, who loves order and tranquility, to adapt to this new situation for the goodness of the family. Though very hard for him, Stefano has to bear the situation for a while. Finally, becoming tired, he resolves to return to Rome to find some peace. Luisa decides to join him and convinces him to return to Bologna to attend a party held at their home for all their friends. During the party, Poldo and Epicurus caused so many disasters that Stefano collapsed resulting in paralysis. While Stefano is immobilized in bed, he learns some bad news: his daughter Antonella is two months pregnant. Music: The fantastic music composed by Ennio Morricone is masterly accompanying the scenes of the film. The Maestro composed an original music of an extraordinary artistic and emotional value, as always. In this score the themes and the great mastery of the composer create the right atmosphere that emphasizes the different scenes of the film, and enriches the plot with a particular touch of sensitivity and beauty, typical of the music with the prestigious signature of Maestro Ennio Morricone. Critics Favorable opinions of critics on the content of the film: 1. An 'excellent' to the dog Epicurus trainer. For the first time, all critics agreed in condemning the plot. Here are some negative opinions of the critics: 1. Respectable intentions, but clashing miserably with a script peppered with the most trite platitudes. 2. 'film language from Italian B series plays, with all the vulgarity, the frustrations and confusion of the event, including advertising for cigarettes and liquor. 3. 'difficult and heavy work that uses miserable tricks from vaudeville to make people laugh fat. 4. Settled the accounts with the DC (Democratic Party):'Forza Italia', the director pulls the target in home of the PCI (Communist Party of Italy) without sparing the so called 'outside parliament' leftist factions. 5. Nevertheless, each character embodies the values and the viewer is left free to sympathize with one or the other. 6. 'The discomfort arises from the fact that the game of demolition mocking and cruel, and it leads to judge right now one and now another, or neither two, although the final glides on a more cruel malice 7. 'A game to the massacre of the father (no matter what party affiliation), who after repeatedly swallowing sedative pills, collapse and will always remain with his eyes full of horror and with his arm before his face, as shelter from a horrible and unbearable vision. 8. Mocking demolition of the myths of the left, but refuses to take any position and take some responsibility, the film is likely to die easier in the indifference. - Cometa