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Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: CDF091
Release Date: 2018/03/28
Format: 1CD

Abbraccialo per me was directed by Vittorio Sindoni in 2016, starring Stefania Rocca, Vincenzo Amato & Moise Curia and featuring the music of Fabio Frizzi.
It's the story of a mother and her intense relationship with her developmentally-disabled son who find the hope of a normal life in his passion for music. It's a drama with a strong message connoted by powerful and emotional scenes that represented for the composer an opportunity to create for a score seemingly far from his canon but that in reality sheds light on sonorities often chiseled by Fabio Frizzi for many different productions, both for the friend & director with whom he often collaborated around the start of the new millennium and for other films with more sentimental than fantastic leanings.
In occasions such as this, the Maestro was able to give a part of his best self, expressed through enthralling and highly emotional melodies that build that unique, pleasant, bittersweet feeling often provided by contrast and other times just skimming the surface. This score is a gem, a rare beauty that can't be missed in the Maestro's discography, now finally available on CD in the CDF series, featuring an 8-page booklet designed by Daniele De Gemini, liner notes by Fabio Frizzi and mastering by Enrico De Gemini.

Release Date: 2018/3/28.

Track List

1 - Ciatu du me cori 3:13
2 - Il furto di Giampiero 2:02
3 - Fuga al Conservatorio 2:38
4 - Impossibile comunicare 2:31
5 - Un nemico immaginario 2:07
6 - Dentro una scatola vuota 1:18
7 - Ciccio Tamburo 3:13
8 - Una famiglia a pezzi 1:34
9 - Tenerezza e fragilita 1:31
10 - Fuga nella realta 2:37
11 - Il suono della solitudine 1:12
12 - Schiavo delle allucinazioni 1:31
13 - Caterina non molla 1:30
14 - Legami inconciliabili 2:47
15 - La sfida del sentimento 1:32
16 - No destination 2:38