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CD No: CDDM280
Release Date: 2016/11/21
Format: 1CD

Giuliano Sorgini is best known for his OSTs for ''The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue'', ''Zoo Folle'' and '' Gli animali …che simpatia.” For this film, he composed some very macabre avant-garde background music to describe the struggle between good and evil. He created sound effects to represent hell, abstract pieces, and fearful effects (Tr.1, Tr.5, Tr.6) where the recognizable voice of Edda Dell'Orso intervenes. There is also organ music for the exorcist priest (Tr.2) and a Gregorian flavor (Tr.4). These suspenseful passages are alternated with pop (Tr.3) and country music (Tr.7) which breaks up the atmosphere of demonic terror.

Originally RCA had assembled a promotional LP master containing eleven tracks which was intended for a music library (32:32 minutes). Using the master tapes from the original recording session (including the LP) we found other previously unreleased material, such as alternate versions of those included on the album, which enabled us to make this CD to the delight of horror film fans.

Directed in 1975 by Elio Pannaccio. Starring Richard Conte, Patrizia Gori, Mimma Monticelli, Francoise Prevost, Elena Svevo, Jean Claude Verne’.

Barbara and her son Peter live in a town in Lazio. Barbara’s sister, Sister Elena, is a missionary in Africa who returns when she finds out her brother has fallen victim to a mysterious hysterical attack that Dr. Ferri believes is just hysteria, despite the negative results of the analysis. Meanwhile Cherry, Peter's girlfriend, mysteriously gets her throat cut during a reception and Barbara gets killed by being pushed down the stairs. Sister Elena confides in priest Don Luigi that the she believes Peter is possessed by a demon, according to some obscure facts of witchcraft from 1723. The priest calls an exorcist expert from America who performs a ritual to free Peter of the demon. However the demon moves on to posses Sister Elena who then throws herself off a cliff. -- from the label.

Track List

01. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (messa nera) 4:37
02. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (organo mistico) 2:05
03. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (momento pop) 2:51
04. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (suore in convento) 1:30
05. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (reparto agitati) 2:35
06. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (risonanza N° 3) 2:26
07. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (momento country pop) 5:06
08. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (risonanza N° 4) 3:11
09. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (tensione) 2:12
10. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (demoniaco) 2:12
11. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (angeli neri) 3:20
Bonus tracks
12. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (Titoli di testa originali) 0:44
13. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (organo mistico 2a versione) 2:04
14. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (momento pop vrs. breve) 1:48
15. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (Esorcismo) 9:50
16. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (tensione N° 2) 2:02
17. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (messa nera 2a versione) 1:27
18. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (apparizione) 0:33
19. UN URLO DALLE TENEBRE (Titoli di coda originali) 1:28