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CD No: CDDM261
Release Date: 2014/08/28
Format: 1CD

Digitmovies is ecstatic to continue releasing soundtracks by the legendary M° Stelvio Cipriani, including this previously unreleased OST in full stereo from the film “What the Peeper Saw” (aka “La Tua Presenza Nuda”, or “Diabolica Malicia”).


To make this CD we used the stereo master tapes from the original recording session which has allowed us to release all of the riffs (46:04 minutes). Stelvio Cipriani composed a romantic theme with a rock beat with Nora Orlandi on vocals (track 1). It was recorded with orchestral variations ranging from suspenseful and melodic passages changing to mysterious and dramatic. The author also wrote a frenetic shake that colors the morbid plot with lounge music.

Director and Cast:

Directed in 1972 by Andrea Bianchi. With Britt Ekland, Hardy Kruger, Mark Lester, Lilli Palmer, Harry Andrews, Concita Montez and Collette Jack.


Paul (Kruger) remarries Elise after the death of his first wife, Sara. Their son, Marcus (Lester), is a particularly intelligent and devious 12 year old who takes a sexual interest in Elise. She discovers that Marcus was expelled from school for erotic obsessions and for killing a cat in a sadistic way. Sophie (Montes), a friend who lives in the house where Sara (the child’s mother) died, confides in Elise some alarming details about Sara’s death. Sophie has proof from Marcus that he killed his own mother. Elise’s relationship with Marcus is extremely tense. She is not able to make her husband fully understand the situation and she begins to fear for her own life. After being admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Madrid, Elise pretends to be very friendly to Marcus but it’s only a trick in order to obtain his trust.

Notes about film:

When the film was initially released in cinemas it received minor cuts. However after the introduction of the “Protection of Children Act” in 1978, a good 6 minutes of the film were cut, including all of the scenes where Elise strips in front of Marcus, where Marcus caresses Elise’s breasts, and where Elise is in bed with Marcus. -- from the label.

Track List

01. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq. 1 - Titoli 2:35
02. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.2 1:44
03. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.3 2:16
04. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.4 1:38
05. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.5 1:24
06. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.6 1:35
07. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.7 0:54
08. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.8 1:44
09. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.9 3:18
10. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.10 2:18
11. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.11 2:24
12. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.12 1:08
13. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.13 2:32
14. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.14 3:50
15. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.15 0:53
16. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.16 5:49
17. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.17 3:05
18. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.18 1:17
19. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA - seq.19 3:15
20. LA TUA PRESENZA NUDA -seq.20 - finale 1:37