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CD No: CDDM241
Release Date: 2013/07/22
Format: 1CD

Digitmovies, in collaboration with the Sugar Group, is pleased to present, as a volume XXVIII of the series dedicated to the Italian Peplum, two OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the film “Hercules of the Desert” and “The revenge of the crusader”. “Hercules of the Desert” was directed in 1964 by Tanio Boccia (aka Amerigo Anton) and starring Kirk Morris, Helene Chanel, Rosalba Neri, Nando Tamberlani, Furio Meniconi, Alberto Farnese, Dante Posani, Spela Rozin. A land called the “Land of Green Pastures” is desired by the perfidious Farida (Chanel), although the land belongs to the people of Gamaly, led by Selina (Rozin). The prophets call Maciste (Morris) in aid to the Gamaly against Farida, but there is something that both counties do not know: the valley is dominated by creatures called “Echo Men” capable of emitting loud sounds that can bring down the houses and make the mountains slide. “The revenge of the crusader” was directed in 1964 by Primo Zeglio and starring Alberto Lupo, Maria Jose Alfonso, Angela Rhu, Stephen Forsyth, Beny Deus, Loris Loddi, Andrea Bosic, Bruno Scipioni, Rosita Yarza, Umberto Raho, Franco Balducci, Antonella Della Porta. The Count Siegfried (Lupo), when seriously injured by a group of bandits, is taken to the castle of the Duke of Brabante, where he is treated with loving care by the Duke’s daughter Genevieve (Alfonso). The two fall in love and get married. When Siegfried must leave for the crusades, he entrusted the young bride to the care of Golo (Forsyth), his administrator. He takes advantage of the absence of the count to undermine Genevieve, who refuses his proposals thus triggering the of evil and vindictive instinct of Golo. The woman is thrown into prison, where she gives birth to a son. Wrongly accused of adultery, she is sentenced to death. The execution should take place in the forest, but one of the executioners is moved to pity and saves her life. Siegfried, oblivious to everything, returns to the castle and learns the whole truth, then punishes the guilty, goes in search of his son and wife and returns with them at home. “Hercules of the Desert” and “The revenge of the crusader” contained musical material composed by Maestro Rustichelli from C.A.M.’s repertoire from movies like “The Betrothed”, “Sword of the Conqueror”, “The Giants of Thessaly”, “Antinea lover of the buried city “,” A day for Lionhearts” and “The Knights of revenge. “ For our CD (41:31) we could use the mono master tapes of the original recording session that contained ONLY the original music specially composed by the author for these two films. For “Hercules of the Desert” the composer wrote an epic theme for choir and orchestra extremely dramatic (Tr. 1), which is taken up in the OST in a slow version (Tr. 2), then in a more energetic ( Tr.3) alternating dark and mysterious passages (Tr.4). We also include a rare mix in stereo of the main credits (Tr.7). For “The revenge of the crusader” Carlo Rustichelli composed an OST based on ancient medieval ballads (Tr.8, Tr.9, Tr.11, Tr.14, Tr.16) alternating suspense music (Tr. 10, Tr. 15), to epic - mystical tunes (Tr.12) and a romantic love theme (Tr.13). -- from the label.

Release date of June 25th.

Track List

01. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.1 - titoli) 2:12
02. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.2) 1:44
03. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.3) 2:12
04. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.4) 1:12
05. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.5) 2:53
06. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.6 - finale) 1:18
bonus track
07. LA VALLE DELL’ECO TONANTE (seq.1 - titoli mix stereo) 2:12
08. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.1) 2:09
09. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.2) 2:09
10. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.3) 3:08
11. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.4) 2:54
12. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.5) 3:24
13. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.6) 2:29
14. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.7) 2:48
15. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.8) 3:09
16. GENOVEFFA DI BRABANTE (seq.9 - Finale) 4:55