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CD No: CDDM233
Release Date: 2013/02/25
Format: 1CD

Digitmovies is glad to present, for the first absolute time on CD, complete and in full stereo, the OST by Fred Bongusto for the comedy “Superfantozzi” directed in 1986 by Neri Parenti and starring Paolo Villaggio, Liu Bosisio, Gigi Reder, Plinio Fernando, Luc Merenda, Eva Lena, Jimmy il fenomeno. The unique and inimitable accountant Ugo Fantozzi returns in its fifth cinematic adventure: the History of the World where the protagonist is always him, the most loser man on Earth. So we see a fun range of characters: second-class Adam chased from Paradise; prehistoric man on which miserably an angry dinosaur makes its needs; Filippide the first runner: he has to walk all 42 miles and 195 yards away from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory to the ''Senate'' (well, taking with him a marble capital given from Filini). Arriving in the city, legionaries guards did not help him because otherwise he ''would be disqualified.'' Just arrived in Athens exhausted, he forgets the outcome of the battle and have to redo all the way on the other hand to have it complain. Farmer who meets Jesus and grandson of Lazarus; warrior returning from the Crusades, falls in love with a beautiful princess and decides to participate the tournament to get married. The Wizard of Lake gives him the sword Excalibur, a name that he just cannot pronounce, to win the competition, at a price. His wife Pina, conscious of the desires of Fantozzi, exchanges of the sword secretly in the tournament. The grotesque adventures through the ages go then from Sherwood Forest to the Second World War (a Japanese Kamikaze) until, through a series of intermediate stages, to a duel sport of our days and a projection into the future. Of this OST no one note was released at that time; thanks to the stereo master tapes kept in good conditions in the Cinevox Records Archives, we were able to realize the dream of many fans of the accountant (after the fabulous double CD box produced by Beat Records under license Cinevox Records with the OST of the first two classic ''Fantozzi'' movies). Fred Bongusto has composed a funny score made with synthesizers, dominated by a main theme in a dance vein that is used in the opening titles and later repeated in the sequence of the battle of Marathon too and a whole nice variety of motifs such as the mystical theme for the sword Excalibur, and cheerful and funny ones as for the sequence of the canoes race, charleston music for the scene in the nightclub at the time of Prohibition (also reused in the end credits), music with oriental flavor for the Japanese sequence and futuristic music for the Fantozzi family in space.

Track List

01. SUPER MARATONA (Titoli) 1:43
02. FANTOZZO ANTICO (eden) 3:02
03. FANTOZZO ANTICO (sequenza mela) 0:32
04. FANTOZZO ANTICO (scoperta del fuoco e sotto dinosauro) 2:09
05. FANTOZZO ANTICO (nella merda di dinosauro) 1:48
06. SUPER MARATONA (dalle Termopili a Maratona) 1:44
07. SUPER TRIBUTI ROMANI (agente dei tributi) 0:42
08. FANTOZZO ANTICO (arrivo di Gesu) 3:10
09. FANTOZZO ANTICO (sequenza Lazzaro) 2:09
10. TEMA D'AMORE EXCALIBUR (ritorno dalla crociata)
11. TEMA D'AMORE EXCALIBUR (spada Excalibur)
12. TEMA D'AMORE EXCALIBUR (incontro con la principessa)
13. SUPER TORNEO (fanfara) 0:28
14. SUPER TORNEO (Fantozzi esce dalla tenda) 1:02
15. TEMA D'AMORE EXCALIBUR (moglie cambia spada)
16. SUPER TORNEO (scontro) 1:06
17. SUPER TORNEO (finale torneo) 1:10
18. FANTOZZO ANTICO (piazza della ghigliottina) 0:56
19. FANTOZZO ANTICO (passeggiata porta Pia) 1:16
20. REGATA SUPER (gara di canottaggio) 1:20
21. REGATA SUPER (gara fino a mezzogiorno) 1:16
22. REGATA SUPER (tentato suicidio) 1:40
23. SUPER SHIMMY (cinema muto) 1:46
24. SUPER JAZZ CLUB (davanti al club e arrivo polizia) 1:15
25. SUPER GIAPPONE (bombardiere giapponese) 3:14
26. SUPER TORNEO (pullman tifosi e monumento funebre) 3:17
27. SUPER SPAZIO (famiglia del futuro) 6:12
28. SUPER SHIMMY (finale) 1:15