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CD No: CDDM216
Release Date: 2012/06/20
Format: 1CD

With great joy Digitmovies continues to issue the soundtracks of the cool brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis by releasing, for the very first time on CD, the complete OST in full stereo from the movie “A mezzanotte va la ronda del piacere” (aka “The Immortal Bachelor”), directed by Marcello Fondato in 1975 and starring an all-star cast: Monica Vitti, Vittorio Gassman, Giancarlo Giannini, Claudia Cardinale, Renato Pozzetto. Tina Candela (Vitti), a cleaning lady, is undergoing a trial for premeditated murder of her husband Gino Benaccio (Giannini), crashed into a cleaning manifold during just another squabble. Mrs. Gabriella (Cardinale), humiliated and neglected by her husband, the engineer Andrea Sansoni (Gassman), a selfish and ruthless man, is chosen for the trial’s jury. During the process, the woman listens carefully to the stories of the defendant who tries to prove her innocence by describing a relationship based on mutual betrayals which are promptly followed by reconciliations made of slaps. At the end of the process Tina would certainly have been condemned to life imprisonment, but Gino reappears, who miraculously survived the crash and was a fugitive for three years. This experience has given a new dignity to both Tina and Gabriella. At that time Cinevox Records had issued a 33 rpm album (MDF 33/84) containing nine selections (total time 24:56) which was re-issued in France in 1977 (Barclay 900532). For this our CD we could use the stereo master tapes of the original session which gave us the chance to release every recorded music note (TT 54:50). In the OST the main theme “Mister love” emerges, a motif with a popular flavour, but with pop sonorities (Tr.1), reprised with different variation as a Beguine (Tr.4,Tr.23), as a tango (Tr.9,Tr.21,Tr.24) and alternated with suspense music (Tr.3, Tr.11,Tr. 20), in a folk flavour (Tr.7) and a grotesque style (Tr.8,Tr.17). The well-known “Il Tango delle Capinere” is also featured, one of the most famous dancefloor tunes of the 20th century written by B.Cherubini - C.A.Bixio. - Digitmovies

Track List

the original album
1. Mister Love 4:17
2. Il Tango delle Capinere 2:25
3. Delitto 2:27
4. Mister Love Beguine 3:26
5. Carillon 2:45
6. Incomprensione 1:55
7. Gino 2:18
8. Seduta Spiritica 2:00
9, Mister Love Tango 3:00

bonus tracks
10. Mister Love (dolce tristezza) 2:05
11. Delitto (versione film) 0:52
12. Mister Love (ironico sax) 3:55
13. Il Tango delle Capinere (versione con archi) 2:04
14. Incomprensione (versione film) 0:49
15. Mister Love (allegra fisarmonica) 1:11
16. Mister Love (dolce tristezza N°2) 1:03
17. Seduta Spiritica (versione grottesca) 2:00
18. Il Tango delle Capinere (versione Mister Love) 2:33
19. Mister Love (attimi di tranquillita) 2:00
20. Delitto (versione film N°2) 1:02
21. Mister Love Tango (versione film) 1:33
22. Incomprensione (versione film N° 2) 1:02
23. Mister Love Beguine (versione fast) 2:56
24. Mister Love Tango (versione film N° 2) 4:10