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Digitmovies proudly continues to pay homage to composer Carlo Rustichelli by releasing for the first time complete in mono and in full stereo his OST for the dramatic movie DELITTO D’AMORE (Aka SOMEWHERE BEYOND LOVE - Un vrai crime d'amour) directed in 1974 by Luigi Comencini and starring Giuliano Gemma, Stefania Sandrelli, Brizio Montinaro, Renato Scarpa, Rina Franchetti, Pippo Starnazza, Bruno Cattaneo, Carla Mancini. The movie, presented in the official competition at the 27th Cannes Film Festival, tells about a social drama through a conflict of mentalities between the Nullo (Gemma), a man from Lombardy, and the Sicilian woman Carmela (Sandrelli), both workers in a factory. The two fall in love, but at the end Nullo will take revenge for the girl's death which had been caused by the poisoned emissions from the factory. The OST by Carlo Rustichelli musically highlights this urban tragedy (sadly still relevant) through two main themes which are reprised with orchestral variations: DELITTO D’AMORE, a folk motif based on the sad ballad “A curuna” (The crown) by Otello Profazio and which well represents the folkloristic setting of the plot and “Tema di Carmela”, a nostalgic, floating and a bit mysterious motif for strings, electric piano and woodwinds composed for the unlucky female character . For this CD release we have used the mono master tapes of the original sessions conducted by Alessandro Blonksteiner and we also include four takes in full stereo. Among them are the two versions of the top rare Japanese 45 rpm single which had been issued at the time of the film's release. Besides the very beautiful score by Carlo Rustichelli, another important highlight is the voice of Rosa Balistreri who sings “A curuna”. A right and proper rescue and preservation of the Italian Silver Age and of the musical art of Carlo Rustichelli. - Digitmovies

Track List

the complete film score (mono)
01. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.1) 1:04
02. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.2) 1:02
03. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.1) 1:12
04. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.3) 0:58
05. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.2) 3:19
06. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.4) 2:02
07. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.5) 0:56
08. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.3) 2:38
09. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.6) 1:39
10. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.4) 1:45
11. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.7) 2:21
12. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.5) 2:20
13. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.8) 1:50
14. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.6) 3:10
15. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.9) 2:00
16. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.7) 1:09
17. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.10) 3:06
18. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.8) 2:33
19. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.11) 1:09
bonus tracks (stereo Mix)
20. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.12) 3:04
21. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.13) 3:35
22. DELITTO D'AMORE (seq.14-Single version side A) 3:05
23. TEMA DI CARMELA (seq.9-Single version side B) 2:32