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Digitmovies releases for the absolutely first time on CD the OST in full stereo by Berto Pisano from the erotic genre movie “La svergognata” directed in 1974 by Giuliano Biagietti and starring Philippe Leroy,Barbara Bouchet,Leonora Fani,Dana Ghia and Pupo De Luca. Nino Bernardi (De Luca), a manufacturer from Milan, goes on vacation to Ischia with his wife Clara (Ghia) and his teenage daughter Ornella (Fani). In the same hotel stays Fabio Lorenzi (Leroy), a writer without inspiration and with a depressive crisis, who years before had been the lover of Ornella's mother. The teenage girl, who is tired of flirts with her friends of the same age, fully devotes her attention to Fabio and has great fun in seducing him without having sex with him. But Silvia (Bouchet), Fabio's girlfriend, arrives on the island provoking Ornella's feracious jealousy. This torrid story is scored by the great Berto Pisano, who has been successful in creating a perfect musical background for the plot which revolves around the classic menage a trois.The composer has written a lounge style OST with suggestive orchestral themes - featuring the wonderful and sexy voice of Edda Dell'Orso (Tr.1, Tr.4, Tr.5, Tr.7,Tr.9) - which evoke the whole sensual/erotic relationship between the adult man and the teenage girl who desperately searches for strong emotions.The main themes are reprised for piano solo in Tr.2 and Tr.6. The atmosphere of apparent relaxation in the Ischia hotel is transmitted through Pop themes for Hammond organ and rhythmics : Bass flute version in (Tr.3), faster with Bossa tempo (Tr.8). In the RCA archives the stereo master tape of a very rare promotional album has survived which had been issued in 1974 on the Pegaso label (PG 13) and which more or less contains all of the music that was recorded for the movie. Still remaining in the erotic genre, mixed with some noir elements, we also include as bonus tracks the complete OST in full stereo by Carlo Savina from “Suggestionata” (aka “Sugestionada”), a 1978 movie directed by Alfredo Rizzo starring Gabriele Ferzetti, Eleonora Giorgi,Agostina Belli, Giampiero Albertini and Gioia Scola. An engineer and former fascist (Ferzetti) comes back to Italy to resume possession of his own lands. A widower with three sons, the man has a relationship with a sexy girl (Giorgi). The girl, influenced by the sociopolitical speeches of her own father which she had listened to when she was only 13 years old, succeeds to isolate herself with her lover's sons and pulls them into a dark dimension of madness. The protagonist will find himself in front of a series of crimes - without ever understanding if political revenge or something else is involved. Carlo Savina has written the music score for a plot between erotism and noir which is now released for the absolutely first time from the stereo master tapes of the RCA Archives. M°Savina has composed a romantic theme with pop arrangement and vocalized by a young female voice, introduced in the Main Titles (Tr.10), then elegantly reprised with electric piano and orchestra (Tr.11,Tr.14,Tr.16), faster in Tr.12, more softly in Tr.13 and then in the End Titles (Tr.20).The main theme is reprised in a suspense key (Tr.15,Tr.17,Tr.18) and there is dramatic music of a Progressive kind in Tr.19.

Track List

1. ANNIBALE (Seq.1-Titoli) 1:57
2. ANNIBALE (Seq.2) 3:07
3. ANNIBALE (Seq.3) 0:55
4. ANNIBALE (Seq.4) 2:08
5. ANNIBALE (Seq.5) 1:13
6. ANNIBALE (Seq.6) 1:19
7. ANNIBALE (Seq.7) 1:00
8. ANNIBALE (Seq.8) 1:46
9. ANNIBALE (Seq.9) 1:35
10. ANNIBALE (Seq.10) 0:55
11. ANNIBALE (Seq.11) 1:39
12. ANNIBALE (Seq.12) 0:42
13. ANNIBALE (Seq.13) 2:02
14. ANNIBALE (Seq.14) 1:14
15. ANNIBALE (Seq.15) 1:12
16. ANNIBALE (Seq.16) 1:38
17. ANNIBALE (Seq.17) 3:30
18. ANNIBALE (Seq.18) 1:48
19. ANNIBALE (Seq.19) 1:27
20. ANNIBALE (Seq.20) 1:49
21. ANNIBALE (Seq.21) 1:01
22. ANNIBALE (Seq.22) 1:52
23. ANNIBALE (Seq.23) 1:33
24. ANNIBALE (Seq.24) 1:31
25. ANNIBALE (Seq.25) 2:02
26. ANNIBALE (Seq.26) 1:21
27. ANNIBALE (Seq.27) 2:56
28. ANNIBALE (Seq.28) 1:49
29. ANNIBALE (Seq.29) 2:07
30. ANNIBALE (Seq.30) 2:11
31. ANNIBALE (Seq.31) 2:12
32. ANNIBALE (Seq.32- Finale) 2:01

bonus tracks ?alternate and unused takes
33. ANNIBALE (Seq.33) 2:41
34. ANNIBALE (Seq.34) 1:53
35. ANNIBALE (Seq.35) 6:08
36. ANNIBALE (Seq.36) 6:24