2. LESBO


Price(USD): $23.80

Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: CDCR-99
Release Date: 2013/12/16
Format: 1CD

A score that deserved since a lot of time a complete issue, Lesbo, featuring the music of Francesco de Masi and Alessandro Alessandroni shows us a great collaboration between the orchestration of the first and the originality of the second.
Music of great quality for a movie with an exotic title in which the story of tho girls in Lesbo isle create a story with something hidden, not always easy to fully understand.
A CD for the summer, with a great lounge atmosphere. The best for your colourful cocktails, with small paper umbrellas, to drink relaxed in a cocktail bar at the south Italy sea-side, with a background of a sunset, a morbid sea breeze in order to get lost through the notes of two of the greatest maestro of the Italian silver age.
Jewelbox edition with 8 pages colourful booklt featuring original artworks and liner notes by Filippo de Masi. 500 copies available!