Price(USD): $18.50

Label: RDM(FR)
CD No: CD642
Release Date: 2013/06/13
Format: 1CD

CD release of aN original vinyl released in 1960. Contains 11 tracks. French import.

Track List

1. Main title
2. Spartacus love theme
3. Gladiators fight to the death
4. Blue shadows and purple hills
5. Homeward bound a) On the sea b) Beside the pool
6. Hopeful preparations, Vesuvius camp
7. Prelude to battle a) Quiet interlude b) Final conflict
8. On the Vesuvius a) Forward, gladiators b) Forest meeting
9. Oysters and snails - Festival
10. Headed for freedom
11. Goodbye, my life, my love - End title