Price(USD): $18.90

Label: GDM(IT)
CD No: CD-CLUB-7069
Release Date: 2018/03/02
Format: 1CD

Reissue. The complete OST by Mario Migliardi from the cult Italian TV Science Fiction 'A come Andromeda', broadcasted in early 1972 by Rai, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi and starring Luigi Vannucchi, Paola Pitagora, Nicoletta Rizzi, Giampiero Albertini, Tino Carraro and many others. The story is placed in England. On the eve of the inauguration of a huge Telescope, an encrypted signal from outer space is intercepted coming from the Andromeda nebula. Professor Fleming, of the doctor Reinhart team discovers the message contains the instructions to build a super computer. After having realized the freaky computer, later it is discovered that the same computer has been realized to a create a new life form. The new creature, with woman appearance, and with a far superior intelligence is called Andromeda. Mario Migliardi, author of several scores for the screen, has written a music score featuring experimental orchestral and electronic music with the choir performance and several sound effects. The score is enriched with music passages of the progressive, psychedelic and beat music; however 'Tema di Andromeda' prevails, a baroque piece with pop arrangements and the fascinating vocalism of Edda Dell'Orso. The long length album includes four bonus tracks in stereo, including the original single versions.

Release Date: 2018/3/2

Track List

1. Tema Di Andromeda (Titoli) 3:39
2. A Come Andromeda 2:48
3. A Come Andromeda (Seq.2) 2:54
4. A Come Andromeda (Seq.3) 1:24
5. A Come Andromeda (Seq.4) 1:34
6. A Come Andromeda (Seq.5) 2:05
7. A Come Andromeda (Seq.6) 3:03
8. La Spiaggia Di Durness (Versione Tv)? 5:59
9. A Come Andromeda (Seq.7) 2:03
10. A Come Andromeda (Seq.8) 8:00
11. A Come Andromeda (Seq.9) 1:07
12. A Come Andromeda (Seq.10) 1:28
13. A Come Andromeda (Seq.11) 3:28
14. A Come Andromeda (Seq.12) 2:23
15. A Come Andromeda (Seq.13) 3:28
16. A Come Andromeda (Seq.14) 4:43
17. A Come Andromeda (Seq.15) 4:24
18. A Come Andromeda (Seq.16) 1:13
19. A Come Andromeda (Seq.17) 1:36
20. La Spiaggia Di Durness (Versione Tv 2)???? 1:57
Stereo Versions
21. A Come Andromeda (Seq.18) 3:04
22. A Come Andromeda (Seq.19) 3:06
23. Tema Di Andromeda (Mix Singolo Lato A)?? 3:39
24. La Spiaggia Di Durness (Mix Singolo Lato B)? 2:59