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Label: GDM(IT)
CD No: CD-CLUB-7055
Release Date:
Format: 1CD

GDM Music releases for the first absolute time? on CD two OST from the movies: “Sharaz” (aka “the esclava of the paraiso”), “Onethousand nights” style movie directed in 1968 by Jose Maria Elorrieta and starring Jeff Cooper, Raf Vallone and Luciana Paluzzi in the role of Miziana, feminine version of the genius of the lamp; “Ragan”, adventurous spy movie directed in 1967 by Jose Briz Mendez and starring Ty Hardin and Antonella Lualdi. The two OST are co-composed by Nico Fidenco and Gianni Dell’Orso ?with the splendid vocal performances of Edda Dell’Orso and the chorus of the I Cantori Moderni di? Alessandroni. “Sharaz” features “Miziana”, the title? song with Beat arrangements? and sung by Carol Danell. This romantic and magic Main theme is reprised with the orchestra in numerous orchestral variations ?alternating ?suspended and mysterious atmospheres to other rhythmical and action music. For ”Ragan” Fidenco & Dell’Orso have created little,but very cool music, with Latin American sound(typical of the tradition of the espionage movies made in USA) mixed to the Lounge genre with jazzistic themes. In the exotic Main Titles ?I Cantori Moderni di ?Alessandroni are very powerful. The VOICE of the Italian Cinema, Edda Dell’Orso is absolute protagonist in some very groove tracks pf the CD as, for example, a sweeping Bossa Nova. Digitally selected and remastered from the original mono master tapes of the Rca vaults. De-luxe booklet with 8 full colour pages.

Track List

1. MIZIANA (titoli - seq.1) 2:47
2. SHARAZ (seq.2) 1:50
3. SHARAZ (seq.3) 1:40
4. SHARAZ (seq.4) 1:27
5. SHARAZ (seq.5) 1:50
6. SHARAZ (seq.6) 2:43
7. SHARAZ (seq.7) 2:00
8. SHARAZ (seq.8) 1:27
9. SHARAZ (seq.9) 1:15
10. SHARAZ (seq.10) 1:26
11. SHARAZ (seq.11) 2:24
12. SHARAZ (seq.12) 2:05
13. SHARAZ (finale - seq.13) 1:12

14. RAGAN (titoli - seq.1) 2:28
15. RAGAN (seq.2) 4:00
16. RAGAN (seq.3) 3:12
17. RAGAN (seq.4) 2:55
18. RAGAN (finale - seq.5) 5:41

Total Time: 42:55