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Label: CAMILLE 3000(IT)
CD No: CAM3K012
Release Date: 2018/06/01
Format: 1CD

Il Mondo di Notte (“World at Night” or “Les Nuits du Monde”) can truly be regarded as the first movie of the Mondo genre. This documentary movie written by Gualtiero Jacopetti and directed in 1959 by Luigi Vanzi was released in Italian theatres in April 1960. Shot in many different night clubs around the world and featuring many international attractions of that historic time, the music reflects the grand old age of jazz and the great shows of that wonderful era. The original album was issued in mono vinyl and contained fourteen track selections performed by Piero’s big band, choir and orchestra and also features some great vocals by one the composer’s favourite singers, Lydia MacDonald. This superb score is re-issued for the very first time on CD and for the first time includes ten previously unreleased tracks from the Maestro’s private and original tape collection, and is here presented in stereo! With this CD, Piero Piccioni shines through with some of his his most powerful yet sophisticated compositions and arrangements. We can proudly proclaim that Piero himself is giving you this release, as he always has wanted his music to be re-released on cd after the original album on vinyl. His wish has been finally granted! Remastered - CD Limited Ed. 500 pcs

Release Date: 2018.6.1

Track List

The Original Album in Full Stereo
1. Titoli di testa - Le Bluebelles del “Lido” di Parigi
2. Feline
3. La Spada di Marco - George Lee
4. Al “Tabu’” di Amburgo - Good Old London Town
5. Hong Kong
6. Haway
7. L’Acquario du Marineland sul Pacifico
8. Manhattan
9. Broadway - Harlem - Gli Amin Brothers e Rudy Cardenas
10. La Vedova Nera (Dodo di Amburgo) ? Rock Away
11. Las Vegas
12. Tokyo - Al “Queen Been Cabaret”: Luki Rosa e le sue girls ? Delicious Mambo
13. Rapha Temporel
14. Finale

Bonus Tracks in Full Stereo - Previously Unreleased
15. Hong Kong (Alternate Take - No Choir)
16. Il Mondo di Notte (Charleston)
17. Hong Kong (Alternate Take)
18. Rock Away (alternate Take ? No Vocal)
19. Haway (alternate take ? No Choir)
20. Il Mondo Di Notte (Sax Swing)
21. Rapha Temporel (Alternate Take)
22. Il Mondo di Notte (Romantic mood)
23. Il Mondo di Notte (Jazzy Sax)
24. Good Old London Town (alternate take