2. GOOD MORNING, NEMURERU SHISHI 2 Deluxe Edition [Limited Release] (Blu-ray+CD)

GOOD MORNING, NEMURERU SHISHI 2 Deluxe Edition [Limited Release] (Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $56.80

Label: TOEI
CD No: BSTD-20794
Release Date: 2023/12/13
Format: BD+CD

The original drama "Good Morning, Sleeping Lion" starring Seiji Takaiwa, who has long demonstrated his solid action and acting skills as the main suit actor of the Heisei Masked Rider series, depicts the heroic exploits of an "ossan hero". The first installment was so well received that a sequel, the second installment, is already on the way! The new heroine is AKB48 member Yui Oguri. In addition to Toshiki Kaju, Kento Handa, and Masayuki Deai, Kane Cosugi also joins the cast. The heated battles will surpass those of the previous film. --Kazuma Kujo, a former mercenary and later an entertainment manager, now works part-time as a delivery boy. He happens to meet Akane Yuzuki, the owner of the kitchen car "Oasis," who is busy paying off her evaporated father's debts, and Kujo ends up helping Akane as an apprentice chef. However, when Kujo adds to the menu the "battlefield meal" that he used to make when he was a mercenary, it quickly becomes popular, and "Oasis" begins to thrive. However, at the same time, Akane's father was being hunted as a "traitor" by the secret society Artemis... The deluxe edition includes the theme song CD ("Envy" by Honokarin), a set of 10 postcards, and a clear card.
Release Date: 2023.12.13(限定盤)