2. SUPER SENTO JUNRETSUGER: OIDAKI GOMEN Blu-ray + DVD Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray+2DVD+CD)


Price(USD): $67.50

Label: TOEI
CD No: BSTD-20702
Release Date: 2023/03/08
Format: BD+2DVD+CD

Junretsu is back on the screen for the second time to warm everyone's hearts! This is an entertainment that shows a new side of Junretsu that is different from that of a public bathhouse or a live concert venue! Watch the battle of Junretsuger for the last time as Ryohei Odai graduates from the group! --On the surface, Junretsu is an idol group that performs at super public baths. However, they have become the Junretsuger and are fighting against evil and chasing the truth of a mysterious incident in order to protect the peace of hot springs. One after another, hot springs all over Japan are being turned into water baths by someone! The four men head to the scene of the crime and miss the group of criminals, but they discover a plastic bottle-shaped container that instantly cools the hot spring water. Who in the world would want to do this? Junretsu ponders the truth. Suddenly, an unseen red woman appears from behind Shirakawa. In addition to the Blu-ray and DVD, the luxury edition comes with a bonus disc (DVD) that includes: / making of the film, / completion announcement stage greeting, and / opening day stage greeting (planned for the above). In addition, an original soundtrack CD and a set of 4 photo cards with autographs and messages from the members of Junretsu will be included in the package. The autographs and messages will be printed on the back of the cards. Special sleeve. ( All are planned )
Release Date: 2023.3.8(限定盤)