2. SHE, THE ULTIMATE WEAPON Complete Blu-ray (3Blu-ray+2CD)

SHE, THE ULTIMATE WEAPON Complete Blu-ray (3Blu-ray+2CD)

Price(USD): $216.30

CD No: BSTD-20119
Release Date: 2018/09/12
Format: 3BD+2CD

Blu-ray set release features complete 13 episodes of TV anime series ''Saikano (Saishu Heiki Kanojo)'' and two OVA works ''Saikano: Another love song MISSION. 1'' and ''Saikano: Another love song MISSION. 2.'' Also includes two music collection CDs each featuring the TV anime series and the OVA works (subject to change) plus a 20-page booklet (subject to change).
Special Feature / Bonus Track: audio drama, talk session footage, creditless OP&ED, interview footage, TV spot, game opening, trailer, promo clips, and more

Release Date: 2018.9.12(Limited)