2. Alea jacta est/ Ave Mujica [Regular Edition]

Alea jacta est/ Ave Mujica [Regular Edition]

Price(USD): $20.30

CD No: BRMM-10672
Release Date: 2023/09/13
Format: 1CD

Welcome to the world of Ave Mujica. Ave Mujica has suddenly appeared as a new band in the next generation girl band project "BanG Dream! ~Deep Into The Forest", "Choir'S'Choir", "God, You Idiot", and "Mas?uerade Rhapsody Re?uest", which have been released digitally since April 2023, as well as the self-titled "Ave Mujica", which was first released at Ave Mujica's 0th LIVE "Primo die in scaena". Ave Mujica", which was released for the first time at the 0th LIVE "Primo die in scaena", is also included on this album.
Release Date: 2023.9.13