2. D4DJ - Hapiara Hapiare Hapiarare [B ver.] (2CD)

D4DJ - Hapiara Hapiare Hapiarare [B ver.] (2CD)

Price(USD): $31.90

CD No: BRMM-10528
Release Date: 2022/07/20
Format: 2CD

Receive 2L size picture w/ autograph(copy) (1 set of 5 sheets) for purchasing both "Hapiara Hapiare Hapiarare" [CD+Blu-ray/A ver.]&[B ver.] Happy Around!" is a high school unit from Yoha Academy that appears in Bushiroad's "D4DJ," a media mix project with a "DJ" theme. Happy Around! has finally released its long-awaited first album! The unit's music producer is Shigeru Saito (Heart Company). The theme of the album is "cheerful, fun and energetic". The album is available in two versions: A ver. and B ver. This B ver. includes 2 CDs! DISC1 contains 11 songs including "Kimi ni Hapiare (Hapiare Hapiare Hapiare Remix)" and DISC2 contains "Hapiare Hapiare Hapiare Non Stop Mix ver." The setlist for DISC2 Non Stop Mix ver. has been reconstructed by the unit's music producer for the Non Stop Mix, making it a special seamless DJ mix.
Release Date: 2022.7.20