2. D4DJ - Hapiara Hapiare Hapiarare [A ver.] (CD+Blu-ray)

D4DJ - Hapiara Hapiare Hapiarare [A ver.] (CD+Blu-ray)

Price(USD): $72.30

CD No: BRMM-10527
Release Date: 2022/07/20
Format: CD+BD

Receive 2L size picture w/ autograph(copy) (1 set of 5 sheets) for purchasing both "Hapiara Hapiare Hapiarare" [CD+Blu-ray/A ver.]&[B ver.] Happy Around!" is a high school unit from Yoha Academy that appears in Bushiroad's "D4DJ," a media mix project with a "DJ" theme. Happy Around! has finally released its long-awaited first album! The unit's music producer is Shigeru Saito (Heart Company). The theme of the album is "cheerful, fun and energetic". The album is available in two versions: A ver. and B ver. This A ver. includes the CD (Hirake! GO MY WAY (Hapiare Hapiare Hapiare Remix)) & Blu-ray (live video)! The Blu-ray includes one performance from Happy Around! 2nd LIVE "Minna ni Happiyane" held at "Zepp Osaka Bayside" on March 14, 2021!
Release Date: 2022.7.20