2. D4DJ - Lyrical Anthology [B ver.] (2CD)

D4DJ - Lyrical Anthology [B ver.] (2CD)

Price(USD): $33.50

CD No: BRMM-10526
Release Date: 2022/06/29
Format: 2CD

Receive 2L size picture w/ autograph(copy) (1 set of 5 sheets) for purchasing both "Lyrical Anthology" [CD+Blu-ray/A ver.]&[B ver.] Lyrical Lily is a unit formed by students of Arisugawa Gakuin High School, known as a "ladies' school" in Bushiroad's "D4DJ," a media mix project with a "DJ" theme. With their adorable performance, Lyrical Lily finally releases their long-awaited 1st Album! The unit's music producer is Nakamura Wataru. This album will be released in two forms, A ver. and B ver. This B ver. includes 2 CDs! DISC1 contains 11 songs including "Nemurihime (Lyrical Anthology Remix)" and DISC2 contains "Lyrical Anthology Non Stop Mix ver. The setlist has been rearranged by the unit's music producer for the Non Stop Mix, and is a special non-stop DJ mix.
Release Date: 2022.6.29