2. D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.4

D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.4

Price(USD): $31.80

CD No: BRMM-10518
Release Date: 2022/04/27
Format: CD+DVD

D4DJ is a media mix project that brings you a whole new world of DJ with DJ live performances, anime, and games. D4DJ has been releasing a wide range of cover songs, and the fourth cover album is now on sale! The album contains a total of 13 tracks, including popular anime songs, theme songs from special effects TV dramas, J-POP, and many more. In addition, this album features the first CD of songs sung by Michiru Kaibara (CV: Kotori Koiwai), a character who appears in D4DJ's works! Happy Around!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rondo, and Lyrical Lily, as well as fans of Michiru Kaibara, will not want to miss this CD!
Release Date: 2022.4.27