2. D4DJ [Re]termination [Limited Edition] (CD+Blu-ray)

D4DJ [Re]termination [Limited Edition] (CD+Blu-ray)

Price(USD): $61.30

CD No: BRMM-10448
Release Date: 2021/11/10
Format: CD+BD

[Set Purchase Bonus Detail / Deadline to receive bonus for purchasing all 6 titles: Nov.7, 2021](Happy Around!, Photon Maiden, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rondo, Lyrical Lily) Rondo, a unit formed by university students appearing in "D4DJ", a new media mix project by Bushiroad based on the theme of "DJ". The music producer of the unit is Masahiro Nakayama WITH eMPIRE SOUND SYSTeMS. Limited Edition Blu-ray includes the mini-anime "Pucchi Miku D4DJ Petit Mix" episodes 19-22. It also includes D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- REMIX live -footage -Rondo- and the music video for the title track "[Re] termination".
Release Date:2021.11.10(Limited)