2. D4DJ - Crinoid [Limited Edition] (CD+Blu-ray)

D4DJ - Crinoid [Limited Edition] (CD+Blu-ray)

Price(USD): $41.30

CD No: BRMM-10364
Release Date: 2021/07/21
Format: CD+BD

Rondo is a unit of university students who belong to a traditional members-only clubhouse as resident DJs, appearing in D4DJ, a new media mix project by Bushiroad with the theme of DJ. In addition to their authentic rock sound, Rondo captivates audiences with their original worldview and aesthetic presentation, and their 2nd Single is finally released! The unit's music producer is Masahiro Nakayama with eMPIRE SOUND SYSTeMS, and the limited edition with Blu-ray includes the anime D4DJ First Mix episodes 10 and 11! Also includes live footage taken from their concert held on October 11, 2020.
Release Date: 2021.7.21(Limited)