2. JACK JEANNE Vocal Collection (3CD)

JACK JEANNE Vocal Collection (3CD)

Price(USD): $32.90

Label: b-sound(JPN)
CD No: BRCA-1198
Release Date: 2021/09/18
Format: 3CD

All the music that colors the world of "JACK JEANNE" is here - This album contains all the songs that appear in "Jack Jeanne" for Nintendo Switch, including instrumental tracks, for a total of 40 tracks on 3 discs. This is the first time that the songs performed at school by the main characters' have been recorded in full length, as well as the intro song sung by the seven main cast members, and the outro songs with seven types in total, which changes singers for each route. Special sleeve case specification with illustrations drawn by Sui Ishida.
Release Date: 2021.9.18