2. AVATAR (Complete Score Vol. 2) (2CD)

AVATAR (Complete Score Vol. 2) (2CD)

Price(USD): $49.80

Label: BOOT
Release Date: 2015/11/08
Format: 2CD

Complete original soundtrack vol. 2 from the mega hit movie AVATAR. To complete the whole recording sessions with previous vol.1 and this vol. 2!! Music by James Horner. Pressed CD.

Track List

01. First Look (Unused)
02. Avatar Legs (Unused)
03. Into the Na’Vi World (Unused)
04. Into the Na’Vi World (Alternate Unused)
05. Exploring
06. Pure Spirits of the Forest (Excerpt)
07. Pure Spirits of the Forest (CD Mix)
08. Viperwolves
09. Na’Vi Hometree Chantes (Unused)
10. Sleep (Alternate)
11. Bioluminescence of the Night (Unused)
12. The Village (Alternate)
13. Lessons (Unused)
14. Lessons (Alternate Unused)
15. Climbing Up ‘Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven (Alternate)
16.Flight of the Banshee
17. Jack gets his Banshee
18. Jack gets his Banshe (Alternate)
19. The Hunt
20. A Man of my Word (Unused)
21. A Man of my Word (Alternate)
22. Jake & Neytiri (Unused)

01. Scorched Earth (Alternate I)
02. Scorched Earth (Alternate II)
03. The Skypeople are Coming
04. Hometree Destruction (Alternate)
05. Long End P-U
06. With Ethnic Voice
07. Help for Grace (Alternate)
08. Funeral Chant (Alternate)
09 - Prayers for Grace (Alternate)
10. Wuaritch Takes Over
11. Battle Plan (Alternate)
12. Quaritch (Inserts)
13. Fight to the Death (Insert)
14. Fight to the Death (Alternate)
15. Eyes Open
16. I See You (Theme From Avatar)
17. A New Beginning/Eyes Open/End Credits
18. Crowd Breaks Out
19. Helicopter Mayhem
20. My Name is Lincoln
21. Akkadian Empire
22. Guardians at the Gate