2. SPIDER-MAN 3 (Score)

SPIDER-MAN 3 (Score)

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Label: BOOT
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Format: 1CD

Original Soundtrack to the third movie from the big hit series SPIDER-MAN.. Officially unreleased score album. Music by Danny Elfman, Christopher Young and Deborah Lurie. CD-R

Track List

1. Main Title (Elfman)
2. Harry in the Lab/ Web/ Meteor (Young)
3. Harry Attacks Peter (Young)
4. Black Spider-Man at the Church (Young)
5. Birth of Sandman (Young)
6. Transformation into Black Spider-Man (Young)
7. Happy Ending (Young)
8. Peter and MJ Dance (Young)
9. End Tag (Lurie)
10. Setting MJ Down (Lurie)
11. Peter Leaves a Message (Lurie)
12. Lonely MJ (Lurie)
13. Engagement Ring/ Broadway Marquee (Lurie)
14. Goblin/ Stargazing (Lurie)
15. Keys to the City (Lurie)
16. Peter Asks Harry for Help (Lurie)
17. Aunt May's Ring (Lurie)
18. Death of a Friend (Lurie)
19. Peter at MJ's Window (Lurie)
20.Spiderman 3 Main Title Reprise (Elfman)