Price(USD): $24.80

Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: BCM9539
Release Date: 2014/03/31
Format: 1CD

The 7th release in the series dedicated to the great scores composed by M° Piccioni features a cinematic meeting of the great Maestro with Alberto Lattuada, director of CUORE DI CANE (1976, DOG'S HEART), starring Max Von Sydow, Eleonora Giorgi, Mario Adorf and Cochi Ponzoni.

Set in the Soviet Union of the 1920s, the movie presented a new challenge for M° Piccioni, namely how to score the vicissitudes of a character engineered in a laboratory, half man, half dog. The eclecticism of this extraordinary artist, confronted with a difficult task, is the feature that will enable him to produce an amazing score, full of Russian classicism and the experimental styles typical of the composer. A real phenomenon, over the top, providing quality proof that, we are sure, will not delude anybody, from hardcore Piccioni fans to casual film music lovers.

The CD comes in a jewel case, with mastering by Claudio Fuiano, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Andrea Morandi (CIAK Magazine) and a 12-page full-color booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi. We now await the 8th chapter of the series, a new original surprise by Piero Piccioni! --- Beat Records

Track List

1. Cuore di cane (seq. 1) 3:28
2. Cuore di cane (seq. 2) 4:00
3. Cuore di cane (seq. 3) 2:53
4. Cuore di cane (seq. 4) 3:35
5. Cuore di cane (seq. 5) 1:59
6. Cuore di cane (seq. 6) 3:08
7. Cuore di cane (seq. 7) 4:43
8. Cuore di cane (seq. 8) 2:06
9. Cuore di cane (seq. 9) 2:45
10. Cuore di cane (seq. 10) 4:44
11. Cuore di cane (seq. 11) 3:14
12. Cuore di cane (seq. 12) 2:23

Bonus Tracks (mono)
13. Cuore di cane (seq. 13) 3:16
14. Cuore di cane (seq. 14) 1:38
15. Cuore di cane (seq. 15) 2:36
16. Cuore di cane (seq. 16) 3:03
17. Cuore di cane (seq. 17) 6:32
18. Cuore di cane (seq. 18) 2:08
19. Cuore di cane (seq. 19) 2:02
20. Cuore di cane (seq. 20) 7:09
21. Cuore di cane (seq. 21) 1:23
22. Cuore di cane (seq. 22) 2:16
23. Cuore di cane (seq. 23) 3:03

TT 75:03