Price(USD): $25.80

Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: BCM9538
Release Date: 2014/05/31
Format: 1CD

A milestone release! After two years of suffering, we finally succeed in giving birth to the wonderful score for the movie BASTA GUARDARLA, a masterpiece directed in 1970 by Luciano Salce and starring Maria Grazia Buccella, Carlo Giuffre, Mariangela Melato and Pippo Franco.
It's the story of Silver Boy and Enrichetta, a girl from the country who ends up as a performer in a traveling theater company in a kaleidoscope of funny situations counterpointed by the wonderful score composed by M° Franco Pisano.
A great soundtrack (full of cult songs such as ''Coroccoco'' and ''Venere 2000'') that's been waiting a long time for the right tribute to secure its place in the cinematic musical Olympus.
The chance to release this score also confers upon us the perfect opportunity to pay a righteous homage to the late Maestro Franco Pisano (brother of Berto), a great artist of the 20th century and the author of many genial scores composed for cinema.

The CD is released in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Fabio Babini, mastering by Claudio Fuiano and graphic design by Alessio Iannuzzi. A real gem! --- Beat Records

Track List

1. Corroccocco (Titoli) canta il coro 2:32
2. Basta guardarla (psichedelico) 1:22
3. Basta guardarla (nr.2) 1:45
4. Tre rose (vocal) canta Carlo Giuffre e coro 2:05
5. Basta guardarla (nr.3 - shake chitarra) 1:28
6. Basta guardarla (nr.4 - Varieta) 1:37
7. Corroccocco cantano Carlo Giuffre e Maria Grazia Buccella con il coro 1:43
8. Tre rose (strum.) 0:55
9. Basta guardarla (nr.5 - Afrocubano) 3:41
10. Basta guardarla (nr.6 - bossa) 1:31
11. L'autobus canta Luciano Salce e coro 1:42
12. Basta guardarla (nr.7 - tema d'amore) 3:14
13. Piramidal canta Nora Orlandi e coro 2:21
14. Tre rose (strum. nr.2) 4:17
15. Quadro venere canta il coro 1:33
16. Venere 2000 canta Maria Grazia Buccella 1:35