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Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: BCM9527
Release Date: 2013/02/25
Format: 1CD

Who would you rather be: the unmerciful Sartana or the vengeful Johnny? Whichever you choose, you'll have the opportunity to personalize this flip-cover edition of the original motion picture soundtrack of the movie 1000 DOLLARI SUL ROSSO. The year is 1966, and we are on the rising wave of Italian Westerns, a rich gold vein discovered two years earlier by Sergio Leone. Director Alberto Cardone digs into this vein, creating this movie that introduces for the first time, at least by name, the Sartana character (played by a ruthless Gianni Garko), whose enemy is his own brother Johnny (Anthony Steffen), who has just returned to his hometown with a lot of unanswered questions.
The score?riding on horseback during an impetuous musical period for this filmography?is composed by the popular performer of the deguello in Morricone's PER UN PUGNO DI DOLLARI: Michele Lacerenza, a key composer and performer in the Western genre (of which this score literally sweats). Also present is the harmonica, played by Franco De Gemini!
A new edition for all of those who do not already have this score, released in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet full of pictures plus in-depth liner notes on the movie, director and composer by English critic John Mansell.
The master was prepared at Beat Records Studios in January 2013, thanks to the availability of the original first-generation master tapes that contained very good mono sound and from which we discovered an interesting cue that has never released before: a suite of unpublished material that lasts more than seven minutes, which is sure to enrich your listening experience.
Johnny or Sartana? Good or evil? Are you sure you can tell the difference? - Beat Records

Track List

1 Uno straniero in citta 1:36
2 Preludio al duello 1:09
3 Inseguimento 1:28
4 Al tramonto 1:11
5 Attesa 1:05
6 Marcia di Johnny 1:02
7 Caccia 2:42
8 1000 dollari sul nero 1:27
9 Attimi d'amore 2:10
10 Storie del West 1:28
11 Momento drammatico 1:01
12 Fuga 1:02
13 Ricordi 2:17
14 Tensione 3:34
15 In chiesa 1:03
16 Leggende del West 1:04
17 Contro i nemici 1:28
18 Nostalgia di lei 2:08
19 Accampamento all'alba 1:14
20 Spiando il nemico 1:01
21 1000 dollari sul nero *** 7:52
22 Un eroe chiamato Johnny 2:07
Original single versions
23 Johnny's theme* 3:27
24 Necklace of pearls** 2:01

Total Time: Mono 47:39

Music composed by MICHELE LACERENZA
Orchestra conducted by Luigi Zito
Choir i Cantori moderni di Alessandroni
Harmonica by Franco De Gemini
* Single version - A side
Orchestra conducted by Berto Pisano
Solo trumpet by Michele Lacerenza
** Single version - B side
Music by Angelo Gangarossa,
Michele Lacerenza
Orchestra conducted by Berto Pisano
sung by Peter Boom
* & ** Issued on C.A.M. AMP 12
*** Previously unreleased