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Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: BCM9513
Release Date: 2012/12/12
Format: 1CD

Available in Beat Records catalogue the score of one the most discussed movies of the late 60s, EL ''CHE'' GUEVARA, directed by Paolo Heusch with Francisco Rabal, John Ireland, Susanna Martinkova. As you can easily guess from the title, the movie is dedicated to life and deeds of the popular character born in Argentina, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, passed away in Bolivia in 1967, killed by the local militia aided by special USA corps, during the tentative of the soldier to bring a popular revolution in that country.
The movie was shot just one year after his death.
The score, previously published by CAM on LP, actually is one of the most hard to find album of the label. For the first time on CD, expanded with all the music featured in the original album and 5 bonus unreleased tracks, all in a dynamic stereo. Great south American sonorities not immune to influences from contemporary late of 60s sound, typical of the Maestro: a CD of great artistic and cultural valor, the score of the first movie dedicated to one of the most popular and discussed icons of the 20th century!

CD AUDIO in JEWELBOX with 12 pages booklet, mastering by Claudio Fuiano, liner notes by John Mansell and graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini, limited edition of 500 copies. - Beat Records

Track List

The Original Album
1 La ballata del Che 2:29
2 Los federales 1:44
3 La boliviana pastorale 1:35
4 I compagni morti 1:39
5 I regolari 1:56
6 La boliviana 1:43
7 La boliviana 1:36
8 La leggenda del Che 2:29
9 La boliviana 3:03
10 La ballata del Che - (E' l'alba) 2:58
11 I regolari (Incalzano) 1:52
12 La ballata del Che - (Fucilazione) 1:08
13 La boliviana - (Il tramonto) 3:26
14 La boliviana vallelunga 1:54
Bonus Tracks
15 El Che Guevara Seq. 1 2:41
16 El Che Guevara Seq. 2 2:37
17 La ballata del Che (Vocal spagnolo) 2:28
18 La ballata del Che (Vocal italiano) 2:29
19 La ballata del Che (Base musicale) 2:36