2. GODFALL: Fire & Darkness (Vinyl)

GODFALL: Fire & Darkness (Vinyl)

Price(USD): $31.80

Label: DECCA
CD No: B003450701
Release Date: 2021/12/10
Format: 1LP

Decca Records presents the original soundtrack to the fantasy action role-playing video game GODFALL: Fire & Darkness, developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. The game's suitably epic and expansive soundtrack was composed by LA-based composer Ben MacDougall. Pressed on purple vinyl.

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Track List

1.GODFALL : Embers of War,
2.GODFALL : Flameblood Plateau,
3.GODFALL : The Light Fades,
4.GODFALL :Crystalline Pass,
5.GODFALL : Ashengod,
6.GODFALL : The Last Warlord,
7.GODFALL : Fire and Darkness
1.GODFALL : The Black Flame,
2.GODFALL : Blighted Earth,
3.GODFALL : Dark Water,
4.GODFALL : Shrouded Air,
5.GODFALL : Broken Fire,
6.GODFALL : Light of Ascension