2. CRASH -Original Score From The Series, Vol. 1

CRASH -Original Score From The Series, Vol. 1

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From the producers of the Academy AwardR-winning Best Motion Picture, CRASH is a provocative new 13-episode drama series premiering on Starz October 17th. Starring an ensemble cast led by film icon Dennis Hopper, the series looks at the way different lives intersect and collide in the melting pot of L.A.
The drama features a disparate group of Los Angelenos, including maverick record producer Ben Cendars (Dennis Hopper); impulsive cop Kenny Battaglia (Ross McCall); his actress-turned-police officer partner Bebe Arcel (Arlene Tur); frustrated Brentwood mom Christine Emory (Clare Carey); her pre-bust real-estate developer husband Peter Emory (D.B. Sweeney); former gang member-turned-EMT Eddie Choi (Brian Tee); Ben?s street-smart driver Anthony Adams (Jocko Sims); illegal Guatemalan immigrant Cesar Uman (Luis Chavez); and cocky, hot-tempered detective Axel Finet (Nick Tarabay).

With a creative team including writers, directors and producers from movies like Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale, and premium shows like The Sopranos, The Shield and Deadwood, Crash pulls no punches.

Original score composed by Mark Isham and Cindy O'Connor
CD-R pressing.

Track List

1. Crash Now
2. Spray Paint
3. A Private Roadmap to Death
4. You Can't F*** the Doctor
5. Interleaving
6. Firebomb
7. On the Soul of My Child
8. Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse
9. K-Town Showdown
10. The Other Woman
11. Panic Takes the Wheel