2. PRIDE (Score)

PRIDE (Score)

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Format: 1CD

Zigman's rich yet subtle score highlights the emotional material without sensationalizing it. The full orchestral score purposefully soars and swells in just the right places, and Zigman's use of a choir enhances it even further.

Track List

1. We're Swimming
2. Jim Looks For Work
3. Ride To Foster Rec
4. Who Broke My Shit?
5. God Bless This Space
6. Not Gonna Keep Open
7. Jim Swims Pool
8. Aaron Zigman/Jesse Nicholas Voccia - Andre Takes in Laundry
9. You Are An Official Team
10. Really Great Books Here
11. Head Bump
12. 50 Yard Freestyle
13. You Want Respect, Earn It
14. This Is Your House
15. Kids at Pool/Elston City Hall
16. Listen To Your Biceps
17. Aaron Zigman/Jesse Nicholas Voccia - Have A Seat/Pay Up Little Man
18. Aaron Zigman/Jesse Nicholas Voccia - Jim Confronts Hakim
19. We've Been Sanctioned
20. The Meet