2. INCREDIBLE HULK, The (Score) (2CD)


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Format: 2CD

From Marvel Music, the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK to the smash-hit Super Hero blockbuster THE INCREDIBLE HULK! CD-R pressings.

Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures present the most incredible Super Hero movie of the summer: THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Hot on the heels of the highly successful IRON MAN, Marvel Studios tells the story of physicist Bruce Banner, a man on the run with a secret that could destroy us all, or be our only hope. When this mild-mannered man loses control, his rage unleashes the monstrous creature known to the world as the Hulk. But in his effort to cure himself of his condition, he has unwittingly delivered the key to his transformation into the hands of an enemy that wants to use it against him. Now, our only hope is for the Hulk to accept his monstrous fate and embrace his heroic destiny.

From director Louis Leterrier (THE TRANSPORTER) and starring Edward Norton (THE ILLUSIONIST), this pulse-pounding film is enhanced by a truly remarkable score from critically acclaimed composer Craig Armstrong. After gaining the attention of film-goers everywhere for his work on WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S ROMEO + JULIET with internationally acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann, Armstrong re-teamed with Luhrmann on MOULIN ROUGE and was showered with awards including AFI's Composer of the Year, a Golden Globe for Best Original Score of the Year and a BAFTA for Achievement in Film Music. Mr. Armstrong also won a Grammy for his score in the Oscar-winning RAY. His film work also includes ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTER, and more. Mr. Armstrong has also worked with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Craig Armstrong recorded his first Classical record for EMI Classics France with the BBC Symphony Orchestra for a 2008 release, which includes a violin concerto for Clio Gould. Mr. Armstrong also teaches at the Royal Academy of Music London. He now brings his considerable talents to the newest release from Marvel Studios.

This moving score features the memorable music that accompanies the films eye-popping fights and its jaw-dropping climax. This score also contains a treasured piece from the Hulk's history: “The Lonely Man” theme as interpreted by Armstrong. Originally used in the popular television show, this song harkens back to the conflict and isolation felt by the film's central hero, a theme echoed throughout the Hulk's 40-year history.

A popular character in comic books, television and now film, The Incredible Hulk stands poised to smash his way into the box office this summer. As Marvel's Super Hero films continue to break movie-going records, this action thriller is poised to continue that trend, with stunning visual effects, powerful performances from its star-studded cast, and a sweeping score that will stay with you long after you see the film.

Track List

Disc: 1
1. The Arctic
2. Main Title
3. Rocinha Favela
4. A Drop of Blood
5. The Flower
6. Ross' Team
7. Mr. Blue
8. Favela Escape
9. It Was Banner
10. That Is The Target
11. Bruce Goes Home (with “The Lonely Man” performed by Craig Armstrong, written by Joseph Harnell (ASCAP))
12. Ross And Blonsky
13. Return To Culver University
14. The Lab
15. Reunion
16. The Data/The Vial
17. They're Here
18. Give Him Everything You've Got
19. Bruce Can't Stay
20. First Injection
21. Is it safe?
22. Hulk Theme

Disc: 2
1. Saved From The Flames
2. Grotto
3. Arrival At The Motel
4. I Can't
5. Abomination Alley
6. Bruce Found
7. Bruce Looks For The Data
8. NYC Cab Ride
9. The Mirror
10. Sterns' Lab
11. Bruce Darted
12. I Want It, I Need It
13. Blonsky Transforms
14. Bruce Must Do It
15. Harlem Brawl
16. Are They Dead?
17. Hulk Smash
18. Hulk And Betty
19. A Tear
20. Who's We?
21. The Necklace
22. Bruce And Betty
23. Hulk Theme (End Credits)