2. BOLT


Price(USD): $29.80

CD No: AVCW-12735
Release Date: 2009/07/29
Format: 1CD

Soundtrack from Disney's anime. Including Japanese edition exclusive bonus track. Release Date:2009.7.29

Track List

1. I Thought I Lost You Performed by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta
2. Barking at the Moon Performed by Jenny Lewis
3. Meet Bolt
4. Bolt Transforms
5. Scooter Chase
6. New York
7. Meet Mittens
8. The RV Park
9. A Fast Train
10. Where Were You on St. Rhino's Day?
11. Sing-Along Rhino
12. Saving Mittens
13. House on Wheels
14. Las Vegas
15. A Friend in Need
16. Rescuing Penny
17. A Real Live Superbark
18. Unbelievable TV
19. Home at Last/Barking at the Moon (Reprise)
20. Onaji Sora wo Miageteru (End Roll Version) -Japanese Edition Bonus Track