2. AIDA / Gekidan Shiki

AIDA / Gekidan Shiki

Price(USD): $30.30

CD No: AVCW-12385
Release Date: 2004/06/09
Format: 1CD

Gekidan Shiki 50th Anniversary musical. Great music by Elton John & Tim Rice.

Track List

1.Every Story is a Love Story(Amneris)
2.Fortune Favors the Brave(Radames and the Soldiers)
3.The Past Is Another Land(Aida)
4.Another Pyramid(Zoser and the Ministers)
5.How I Know You(Mereb and Aida)
6.My Strongest Suit(Amneris and Women of the Palace)
7.Enchantment Passing Through(Radames and Aida)
8.My Strongest Suit(Reprise)(Amneris and Aida)
9.Dance of the Robe(Aida,Nehebka,and the Nubians)
10.Not Me(Radames,Mereb,Aida,and Amneris)
11.Elaborate Lives(Radames and Aida)
12.The Gods Love Nubia(Aida,Nehebka,and the Nubians)
13.A Step Too Far(Amneris,Radames,and Aida)
14.Easy As Life(Aida)
15.Like Father,Like Son(Zoser,Radames,and the Ministers)
16.Radames’ Letter(Radames)
17.How I Know the You(Reprise)(Mereb)
18.Written in the Stars(Aida and Radames)
19.I Know the Truth(Amneris) others