2. Arcanamusica Side Story EP.1&2 [Type-C]

Arcanamusica Side Story EP.1&2 [Type-C]

Price(USD): $9.80

Label: avex(JPN)
CD No: AVCD-61407
Release Date: 2024/02/14
Format: 1CD

Arcanamusica, a "multi-dimensional" project by Shueisha and avex, will release a duet song in conjunction with the "spin-off series" and the "full-length" novelization that will start in December. Arcanamusica's mainstay novelization "the main story" will begin in December 2023, followed by the novelization "spin-off series" at the beginning of February 2024. The spin-off series will feature two characters each. The first novel, "Our Greatest Stage! The first novel title "Our Greatest Stage!" features Riku Shibuyoshi (CV: Kosuke Shiraishi) and Reoto Kirisawa (CV: Tomoki Ono). The characters in the second novel titled "Abandonne Still Doesn't Know" are Genpachi Isho (CV: Shota Aoi) and Shizuka Kawawa (CV: Sho Hatano). This piece is based on the two spin-off series.
Release Date: 2024.2.14