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CD No: ASM051
Release Date: 2023/03/17
Format: 1CD

Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz, Teil 2 (aka: Breakthrough) is a German-British movie from 1979.
Cast: Richard Burton, Robert Mitchum, Rod Steiger, Curd Jurgens, Klaus Lowitsch, Michael Parks, Werner Pochath, Horst Janson, Helmut Griem, Christoph Waltz (uncredited) and many more.

Following the immensely successful and profitable School Girl Report movies producer Wolf C. Hartwig could afford a much bigger international production: Steiner - Cross of Iron, based on a World War II novel, should be directed by none other than Sam Peckinpah. The music was supposed to come from the pen of Peter Thomas. Unfortunately, the two did not get along (interview with Peter Thomas in “Der Filmkomponist Peter Thomas” by Gerd Naumann, 2009 ibidem Verlag). In the end, the American composer Ernest Gold wrote the music. Despite several financial squabbles the film became a great international success in 1977.

A sequel followed quickly. It was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and the score was now written by Peter Thomas. The new director and the composer hit it off right away. The title melody by Peter Thomas was released as a single by Ariola shortly after the film premiere in 1979. The film Steiner - Cross of Iron II, however, was unable to match the success of the previous part, despite the top-class cast. An already considered LP release of the soundtrack was therefore no longer pursued.

The present album is the vinyl premiere of the film music, supplemented by a previously unreleased track that was not included on a long out-of-print CD release from 1993.

Following Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Bruce Lee: The Big Boss (CD/LP ASM 048, Allscore 2020) and Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Winnetou and his friend Old Firehand (CD/LP ASM 049, Allscore 2021), this is the third LP/CD release in a series dedicated to composer Peter Thomas.

Once again Adrian Keindorf is responsible for the illustrations on the gatefold cover of the LP as well as the digipack of the CD.