2. SHANGRI-LA FRONTIER Vol.2 [Limited Release] (2Blu-ray+CD+BOOK)

SHANGRI-LA FRONTIER Vol.2 [Limited Release] (2Blu-ray+CD+BOOK)

Price(USD): $181.30

CD No: ANZX-17124
Release Date: 2024/06/26
Format: 2BD+CD+BOOK

It is the last volume of the Blu-ray box of the TV anime "Shangri-La Frontier." Includes episodes 14-25. Comes housed in a case with an illustration newly drawn by the original author Ryosuke Fujii. The cover artwork features an illustration newly drawn. Includes a novel newly written by the original author Katarina and a special booklet. Come with a bonus CD.
Release Date: 2024.6.26(Limited)