2. BERSERK: OGON JIDAI HEN (GOLDEN AGE) Memorial Edition [Limited Release] (3Blu-ray+3CD)

BERSERK: OGON JIDAI HEN (GOLDEN AGE) Memorial Edition [Limited Release] (3Blu-ray+3CD)

Price(USD): $275.80

CD No: ANZX-16591
Release Date: 2023/03/29
Format: 3BD+3CD

The immortal dark fantasy "Berserk" has been a worldwide sensation since its serialization began in 1989. The film trilogy depicting the "Golden Age" of the series return to the TV series as a MEMORIAL EDITION in October 2022, 10 years after its theatrical release! Many of the gems of the original film, including the popular "Yume no Kagaribi" scene, have been added as new scenes. The new scenes are newly drawn under the direction of Naoyuki Onda, the chief animation director, and new music accompaniment is provided by Susumu Hirasawa and Shiro Sagisu. Hundreds of existing cuts were also remastered and upgraded with 3DCG images.

This box set contains the complete 13 episodes (original version) [sound: 5.1ch, 2ch]. Includes three CDs (Original Soundtrack) with new soundtrack from "MEMORIAL EDITION" in addition to the existing soundtracks. Box packaging with a gorgeous booklet, including new illustrations from "MEMORIAL EDITION", setting materials for the anime, and many illustrations from the original work.

Release Date: 2023.3.29(Limited)